2009 -2013

Art- and relief project



In my project I pursue seemingly utopian thoughts of a better world. The question about the meaning of life is the yearning which haunts us, because we ourselves have withdrawn the confidence to be subjects of a perfection of this world. The fantastic belief in a just world through the intervention of a higher power gives us the hope which we apparently need.

I search for reason, the meaning of existence that has apparently been lost in our time. My project describe the beginning of a false path of a society marked by prejudices.

Idea and concept

The Sinnkoerper project has been launched in spring 2009 by the initiator Marcus Günther. This project is about sharing. The idea is to create, by several arts and relief projects, a platform for communication and integration in order to realize the dream of a fairer world. The internet serves as a means to address targeted sponsors, artists and interested persons, which by engagement stand up for the realization of the various arts and relief projects. There is also the possibility to support the project through the purchase of Sinnkoerper articles at the Sinnkoerper Shop. All revenues are shared. One half goes to an art, the other half goes to a selected relief project. The supported commit themselves to advertise for the sponsor.
Here, the effect of art shall be extended to all human activities such as society, culture, politics and ecology and through the flow and interaction of different fields (visual arts, music, architecture, theatre, literature, science and design) result in an overall artwork under the direction of Marcus
Günther. Thus, a unique symbiosis arises between participants whether artists, sponsors, supported people and the interested public.


Following idea manifests in the form of the Sinnkoerpers: The Sinnkoerper is a shell consisting of two elliptical bodies. This form is natural and reminiscent of an upcoming mitosis. The form appears in a childhood dream from Marcus Günther for the first time, but emerges nearly 30 years later as a symbol of Sinnkoerper. This was followed in 2006 by a series of drawings with the title "and tomorrow everything will be different" from which the
idea to the Sinnkoerper project was born. Let’s create a room for the project, a room to share and to grow by forming ourselves to the unity of
a free humanity, and by standing up for the strengthening of the positions of the arts and equality in society.


Being convinced that this project has a model character through the participation of society, the idea arised that people from all areas, whether artists or no artists, work on various arts and relief projects, involved with their own projects and ideas. Everybody who has a basically interest in the
project and is ready to share may participate. Thus, if all participants in this project are creatively shaping, we know what art is. Because art is
humanity in the highest sense. Is a pure humanity realized, people will find out what kind of miracles art can do.


The aim of the work of the Sinnkoerper project is to realize the various art projects, using a social participation, in order to sponsor aid agencies in the fight against poverty and injustice. The Sinnkoerper project acts as an association of artists and non artists, backers and needy, engaging, on behalf of all participants involved, with respect for the work of others



The art and relief project Sinnkoerper had to be discontinued in 2013 because there was a lack of sufficient social participation. Half of all income from that time went to a self-help, AIDS orphans aid program in Swaziland.